Skeet Lessons with John Shima
at White Gates Skeet Club

Monday November 16th
Saturday November 21st
Sunday November 22nd

John Shima five-time 
World Champion Skeet Shooter
and internationally acclaimed instructor

Groups of 3 for 2 hour session
$150 per person plus rounds & ammo

Reservations are required
Call Artie Tesmann at 630-624-8010

WELCOME to the website of the Illinois Skeet Shooting Association

The Illinois Skeet Shooting Association was formed to promote the sport of skeet shooting in the state of Illinois under the auspices of the National Skeet Shooting Association and to:

  • Increase friendship and good will among the shooters;
  • Foster friendly competition;
  • Increase the knowledge of shotguns and their safe and proper handling;
  • Guide, encourage and assist in the organization of skeet clubs in the State of Illinois;
  • Strengthen those clubs already organized by increasing interest in skeet shooting;
  • Standardize policies and plans for tournament shooting;
  • Provide a sponsoring and governing body for the annual State Skeet Championships.


2020 Illinois State Shoot Championship podium for HOA & HAA 
L-R  Steve Patke (3rd)  Bob Zeek Jr (CH)  Alex Spiros (RU)
ILLINOIS 2020 28 Gauge 
L-R  Bob Zeek Jr (3rd)  Steve Patke (CH)  Pat Patke (RU)
12 Gauge
Alex Spiros (CH) - Kevin Bowen (RU) - John Wachter (3rd)

20 Gauge
Bob Zeek Jr (CH) - Steve Patke (RU) - Alex Spiros (3rd)

410 Bore
Mike Glasby Jr (CH) - Steve Patke (RU) - Bob Zeek Jr (3rd)
2020 Illinois State Champs
                                                                Sub Jr.
12 Ga.  Alex Spiros                              12 Ga. Karina Davidenko  
20 Ga.  Robert Zeek                             20 Ga. Karina Davidenko
28 Ga.  Steve Patke                             28 Ga. Karina Davidenko
410       MIke Glasby Jr.                        410     Karina Davidenko 
DBLS   Chris Phelps                             DBLS  Karina Davidenko
HOA     Robert Zeek                             HOA    Karina Davidenko
HAA     Robert Zeek

  JR. Champs                                                       Ladies
12 Ga. John Burt                                  12 Ga.  Diana Riddle
20 Ga.  John Burt                                  20 Ga. Diana Riddle
28 Ga.  John Burt                                  28 Ga. Pat Patke
410      John Burt                                   410      Diana Riddle
DBLS   John Burt                                  DBLS   Pat Patke
HOA     John Burt                                  HOA    Diana Riddle
HAA     John Burt